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Snippets for your Wednesday

Hopefully all our readers up in the North East are safe and warm.
Well, if you're snowed in (or even if you're not, I guess), here's a selection of some of the shorter stories we've come across the past couple days.

We've got: 2nd Special Edition Dragon Head Challenge Coin Kickstarter, RN Estudio's 2nd Master Series Mini release: Alice, Tabletop-Art Previews Meteoric Surface Bases, Assault on the Unknown Cover Revealed, Kabuki Models previews First Knight renders, MiniWorlds: New Pictures of Sepulcrum Expansion Set, Dystopian Wars Demo Event Announced for Gnome Con, New Cyborg Hills from LaserCutCard, Schrödinger's Cats Starts in on Stretch Goals, new pedestal from Thomarillion, and new stretch goals unlocked for the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter.

2nd Special Edition Dragon Head Challenge Coin

Dragon Head Coin

The 2nd and final Special Edition Dragon Head Challenge Coin is now available on Kickstarter. Limited minting. Combo packs are available with the 1st and 2nd Special Editions. Some rewards come with some of the original five coins. Thank you

RN Estudio's 2nd Master Series Mini release: Alice


HD RESIN miniature, highest detail level.
Scale 70 mm
Ready for assemble and paint
100% brand new

Tabletop-Art Previews Meteoric Surface Bases


Coming Soon - Meteoric Surface Round Lip Bases (30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 120mm)

Assault on the Unknown Cover Revealed


Take your characters into new realms of adventure with a new line of adventure modules from New Realms Publishing. New Realms Publishing posted the cover for the first release in a new product line, Universal Adventures Adventure Modules. Each Adventure Module can be used with any fantasy role playing game, played solo or with a group, with or without a GM and includes all the information you need to run the adventure, including introductory and background information, an Adventure Record, and six, or more, decks of cards, including Adventure, Encounter, Event, Search and Treasure cards.

The first release in the Adventure Module series will be Assault on the Underworld. The first in an eight-part series, Assault on the Underworld will take the characters back to Ravenor, the setting for the Crysamar Vale adventures CV1 Catacombs of Chaos and CV2 Caverns of Chaos. A dreadful pall has settled over the town. Rats pillage the warehouses and the fishing has become scarce. Even worse, there is talk of people disappearing and bloodless bodies being found in the streets at dawn. With the source of these troubles unknown and no end in sight, the future of Ravenor may lay in the hands of band of would-be heroes.

A deluxe edition of the adventure with stats and additional cards for the Ogres and Underworlds RPG will also be published. More information on the adventure and the new line of products will be made available during the coming days as the release date draws closer.

Kabuki Models previews First Knight renders

Another preview from Kabuki Models here. This time it’s First Knight! First Knight (KOL19) will be coming in March 2015.

MiniWorlds: New Pictures of Sepulcrum Expansion Set

The Expansion set "Sepulcrum" reproduces the Classic Catacombs sites which I saw during my visit in Malta in 2013. I decided to aim at scenic Elements at 360°
The "Sepulcrum" set consists of 26 resin scenic elements but 17 of them are Double-face!!
When you tip it over you will have a new element to use, in order to expand and modify your Dungeons
Simply, you will buy 26 elements but substantially you will have 43 pieces!!
MiniWorlds: Shipments unblocked extra UE !! ( USA and Australia )

Dystopian Wars Events Announced for Gnome Con

Gnome Con

Dystopian Wars Demo Game
Gnomecon Savannah GA, 2015
(2 to 6 players)
Saturday March 7 2pm to 6pm
Imagine a world similar to our own, but subtly different. Now imagine the year is 1870 and the Industrial Revolution occurred decades earlier than in our own world. Technology is far advanced, and in many cases, unrecognizable, which has led to the development of fantastic naval vessels, hulking land ships and terror from the skies in the form of airships and war balloons. Rumors abound of an even more insidious enemy coming from Mars! Will mankind unite in time to save his planet?

New Cyborg Hills from LaserCutCard

Strange symmetrical mesas rise from the cyborg landscape. Are they data centres? Landing pads? Capacitors? No-one knows except the cyborgs, and they only speak binary.

This week we expand our Cyborg range with a new set of cyborg-themed hills.

The set comprises two large half-hills and two small half-hills that can be stacked or arranged as desired.

The large hills are about 250cm wide and 125cm deep on the top (but will be 250cm square if joined together. The bottom slopes out a little giving a footprint of almost 300cm square).

The set can be combined to create a two-level hill but alternatively you can use them as two separate hills. Both levels are just over 40mm high and so will block Line Of Site to all normal infantry models.

The large will easily hold around 30 models on a standard 25mm base, and the two level hill will hold around 28 models easily.

Schrödinger's Cats Starts in on Stretch Goals


Today, Schrödinger’s Cats the first Kickstarter from Heather O’Neill and Heather Wilson, was funded in 7 days with the help of 352 backers. The project was released on January 20th, 2015 to an overwhelmingly positive response from new fans. With the early funding of the game the first official stretch goal has been unlocked offering an additional physical reward.

Heather O’Neill said, “We are so excited that our game has received such an enthusiastic response!”

Her partner, Heather Wilson, said, “I can’t wait to get Schrödinger’s Cats into the hands of our backers and to play the game with them at cons this year!”

The first printing of Schrödinger’s Cats is expected this summer, with high resolution print-and-play versions available shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

New Pedestal from Thomarillion


Pedestals for statues (square, with ornaments)

New Stretch Goals Unlocked for Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter

The Dread Matanagar

We have quickly hit basic funding already gone through some of the stretch goals, and made a work-in-progress PDF available to backers. Hit the link below to see the Dread Matanagar and the polearm-wielding Fungus Amazon, plus concept sketches for the Pillbug Rider and the Pig-riding Halfling Truffle Hunter which will be made available if the campaign reaches 200 supporters.