Snipers and new All Things Zombie set from Rebel Minis

Rebel Minis have a new set of 15mm modern figures as well as a new boxed set for All Things Zombie.

From their announcement:

We have some great releases in January.

First up is a new All Things Zombie pack. The Nazi Zombies Went Down to Georgia Scenario Pack is now up on the site. This is a 15mm pack. When you buy the pack you also get the scenario download(in case you haven’t gotten it yet). This is one of the best All Things Zombie scenarios out there. SRP:$10.95

We have also released the 15mm Modern US Sniper Pack. This pack includes 4 US Sniper Teams. 2 Of the Standard Sniper Team and 2 of the Barrett Sniper Team. Perfect with our Modern US Army Packs. Sculpted by Martin Baker. SRP: $3.49

We have also gotten most of our 15mm Sci-Fi back in stock. So be sure to check them out.