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Sneak Attack Press running Kronocalypse Kickstarter

Sneak Attack Press is running a Kickstarter campaign for Kronocalypse, their time-traveling RPG using the Savage Worlds system.



From the campaign:

Kronocalypse is a time-travel mash-up setting with a plot-point campaign for the Savage Worlds rules system. It takes place on the world of Kron, a planet that is similar to Earth, but different in many key ways, like that magic is real, and that humans and dinosaurs lived side-by-side. For players it includes new races, edges, hindrances, and everything else you need to create a hero from one of four eras described below.

For the GM it offers foes, savage tales, and a complete plot-point campaign that begins when a temporal meteor strikes the four eras at once, and ends in a battle across time against an evil that time forgot.