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Snag the Flag Game Coming to Kickstarter

I need to be more active in my everyday life. I could stand to lose about 10 stone, give or take. And with the New Year coming up, I know a lot of people make resolutions to lose weight. A game like Snag the Flag might just be able to help out. It's a game, but it also gets you up and out of your chair. The game will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

About the game:

In Snag the Flag, its time get off your butt and start moving. During the game you unlock and expand your knowledge about health and fitness through an all out high energy non-stop laughing fest. By combing creativity, constant movement and player interaction with a level of suspense if you have to snag someone's flag or your own. You will not realize that you have been learning and exercising but just having fun with family and friends.

Are you ready to get your heart racing, lungs pumping and your brain humming along? Then grab a flag, write your name on the scoreboard, roll the challenge cube and let the fun begin.