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SNAFU officially released

Grindhouse Games have officially released the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion Weird War boardgame. SNAFU is available from their online store and will soon be available from stores. They have also posted details of the various bundle deals available from their online store. Gracie From their website:
SNAFU is officially released in North America as of right now. The webstore is all stocked up. One distributor has pre-ordered. If you would rather support your FLGS, get them to bug their distributors NOW. West Wind should be up and running with the SNAFU release in a week or two. Their stock will be in early this week but it will take them some time to get organized. If you are in Europe, I STRONGLY suggest you buy from them or one of our retailers like Wayland or Maelstrom. Shipping costs from USA are not pretty. OZ/NZ: same deal. Martin at Little Soldiers should have his website updated in the next week or so as well.