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Smoking Aces Hybrid Poker Game on Kickstarter

I very distinctly remember when poker had that huge surge in popularity all those years ago. Many of the guys at my LGS caught the poker bug and started playing it regularly. Being in St. Louis, they'd head down to the boats to play. However, sometimes we'd also meet at my friend's place for a "nickel ante poker night." We'd play any kind of poker that you could think of (not just "Texas Hold 'Em"), and since ante was a nickel, if you lost $5, you'd lost your shirt that night. Back in those days, if we'd had a Smoking Aces deck, there'd be yet another version of poker we could've played.

The Smoking Aces deck is the same as your standard poker deck of cards, but each card has a special ability on it. Players are dealt their hand of cards, as usual. Then, on your turn, you play a card from your hand in front of you into your "pocket." That's a face-up row in front of you. You then resolve the ability on your card. Play continues until everyone has played all their cards. Then, you look at your cards and pick the 5 best to create a traditional poker hand. The one with the best poker hand wins.

Very simple and easy to pick up.
The campaign is set to run for another 23 days.