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Smoke & Glass Steampunk RPG up on Kickstarter

Phoenix Outlaw Productions launched a Kickstarter campaign for Smoke & Glass, their new steampunk RPG system for Fate Core. They're over their goal, so check out the upcoming stretch goals and extras.

Smoke and Glass


From the campaign:

Smoke and Glass is a steampunk urban fantasy setting for Fate Core written by Abigail Corfman and presented by Phoenix Outlaw Productions. This unique setting welcomes players to the city of Kroy, where the technology of a steampunk-Dickensian inspired world meets storybook fantasy and magic. Players take on the roles of Kroy's diverse citizenry as they fight to claim their place on the mean streets of this dangerous city.

The game features a new class system, custom stunts, and unique magic rules created to enhance and expand on the already powerful Fate Core system. Smoke and Glass is Phoenix Outlaw's debut release to the game world that welcomes players to discover a new world brimming with mythology, power and social intrigue.