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Smile Now Available From Z-Man Games

Fireflies are almost guaranteed to bring a smile, especially to the critters in the forest who think that their big, light-up butts are just super-tasty. In Smile, a new card game from Z-Man Games, you'll take your collection of fireflies out into the forest in order to gather the animals within. But be careful, there are those that only want your fireflies, but don't actually want to go with you. Out-bid your opponents on the best creatures and come away with the most points. Smile is available now.

From the announcement:

Deep in the dark forest, cute critters gather ‘round, waiting for you to give them what they crave. Some of these devious creatures will try to fool you. Some will butt heads and scurry back into the trees. Others will stay no matter what. Gather your fireflies and see if you can lure the best ones to your side. Smile is available now!

Smile invites three to five players to enter the woods and hunt for the cute critters that live there. Tempted by the juicy fireflies that you carry, the critters just might come and join you…if you offer them more fireflies than your friends, that is!