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Smart Money Maker Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Have you ever been left with a big mess? Someone just comes through and makes a wreck of things and it's your job to put it back together as much as possible. You have to use everything in your repertoire to make things right again. It's a challenge, but you know you're up to the task. That's the goal in Smart Money Maker, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Money Maker Layout

In the case of Smart Money Maker (feel free to shake the box as you see fit), it's an economy that you need to put back together. You have to work with the other players in order to pay off all the debts that were left behind by the previous economy style. However, it's only the player with the most money in the end that wins. But be careful, if not all the debts are paid, then everyone loses. So you have to work together, but maybe not perfectly in harmony.

The game is about 1/3 funded with still 9 days left on the clock.