Smart Max release Jaybee the Ripper & Shaking Sean

Smart Max have added two new 1:35 scale figures to their Smog 1888 Victorian fantasy range.


From their announcement:

This month, two new characters enter our Victorian Fantasy range :

Jaybee the Ripper
Jaybee never was a good boy. From his earliest years, skinned cats and boiled mice were littering his child room. Fascinated by death, he was often seen prowling about cemeteries. As he grew up, he started to feed on corpses he could unearth, convinced that he was thus conjuring some powerful dark rituals. And in a way he was right… Now a ghoul, he guides Necromancers and their agents looking for fresh graves. With Jaybee, resting in peace has become somewhat difficult.

Shaking Sean
Stalkers are the armed force of the Pit. Their stilts allow them to move easily and rapidly through the muddy waters of London’s underground passages. The memory of the Night of the Monsters is still very green among the Freaks and Stalkers’ first task is to repel any attack on the Pit’s people as well as to exterminate any ‘upworlders’ suspected to be spies. Yet, the very vision of Sean’s lanky silhouette approaching is generally ghastly enough to push them back to the surface.

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