Smart Max launch SMOG : Painting Contest

Smart Max have sent details of their SMOG : Painting Contest.

Logaritmic spiral 3

From their announcement:

Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen,
Smart Max are pleased to announce the very first Smog Painting Contest.

The rules :
1. Miniatures entered in the contest must belong to our Smog, a Victorian Fantasy range.
2. You can modify your miniatures as you please as long as you only use Smart Max parts or sculpt what your imagination needs.
3. You are to provide Smart Max with HQ photos of your creations.
4. By entering the contest, you allow Smart Max to use photos of your creations.
5. You can enter your creations from now and until the 24th of December 2010 at 11.30PM.
6. The winning creations will be announced on January the 1st 2011.

We will announce the jury later on November. Christophe, Sebastien and I will of course have the honour to be part of it 🙂
The question you’re about to ask : “what’s to win ?” A year of Smart Max Miniatures !

During a year, the extraordinary lady or gentlemen that will have submitted the best creation will receive every little madness edited by Smart Max.

Surprise prizes will also be awarded to any creation that catches our eye ! Any question ? Contact us !

Now, grab your brushes !