Small World Tales & Legends expansion announced

Tales & Legends expansionDays of Wonder have announced a new expansion for their Small World board game. In addition they have also announced that their Cursed! and Grand Dames of Small World expansions will be reprinted in English and should be available at the same time as Tales & Legends.

From their announcement:
Today, Days of Wonder announced Small World – Tales & Legends – an expansion to the award-winning board game in which players vie for conquest and control over a fantasy world that is simply too small to accommodate all the zany characters that inhabit it. This expansion introduces 54 large-format Event cards that can dramatically change the storyline of Small World. Each Tales & Legends Event card features a unique illustration that matches the light-hearted fantasy theme.
Event cards are organized into 6 different themes, each with its own unique flavor. The cards are also rated by their impact on the game: Little Lore cards have only a minor effect; Tall Tales have worldly consequences; and Lordly Legends are guaranteed to turn your Small World upside down.

Tales & Legends is easily integrated into the game play. At the start of each turn (except the first) a new event card is drawn and put into play. The next Upcoming Event is also visible, so players know what faces them on the next turn. Two blank cards have been included, enabling players to create their own Tales & Legends events.

Small World – Tales & Legends was created by Laurent Verrier, Special Prize Winner of the Small World Design Contest last fall. Philippe Keyaerts, the original game’s author, provided additional development assistance. This expansion requires a copy of the original Small World board game and is expected to be available in late June/early July at better game stores around the world. The suggested price is $15/€12.