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Small World Designer Edition Coming Next Week

It's a Small World Designer Edition after all.
*runs and hides from the irate readers who now have a particular song stuck in their head*
Originally only available via Kickstarter, Days of Wonder will be putting a rather limited number of these sets up for sale on their website on June 9th. The ordering will go live at 3pm GMT. Each person will be only able to order 1 of these at a time. So if you want one, you'd best be prepared. They're expected to go quick.
But what makes the Designer Edition so special?

Starting off, it comes in a very fancy box with metal hinges. Inside you'll find wooden tokens covering all the possible races from the game as well as the four game expansions (Cursed!, Grand Dames, Be Not Afraid, and Royal Bonus). Also included are metal coin victory point counters, with each value denoted by a special size and shape coin. There's also leather purses with which to hold your coins. To play the game on, there are three game boards to use whether you want to play with 2-3 players, 4-5 players, or 6 players. To represent your pieces on the board, there are resin figures for such elements as the Dragon, Heroes, Pots of Gold, Fireballs, and Catapult (plus more). And just to make sure you know you're up on all the Small World information, there's the "pocket encyclopedia" that was also originally available during their Kickstarter campaign.