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Small Star Empires Up On Kickstarter

The race is on! Four alien races have all gained the ability to traverse the stars. Now, each one is trying to be the first to get colonies and trading posts going on all the best systems. Planets, nebulae, and even wormholes are all being tapped for locations to build. Who will create the best trading empire? Nobody knows. That's the story behind Small Star Empires up now on Kickstarter.

The game is played on a hex map of the galaxy. Players move their spaceships, but only in a straight line. Those lines cannot cross another player's outpost. When you finish moving, you place one of your own colonies or trading hubs. Certain systems are worth more points than others. Just watch out for Black Holes. Play goes until all the spots have been taken or everyone's ships have been locked in by other players. Points are tallied and the civilization with the most is the winner.

The campaign is very close to their funding goal with still 21 days left to go.