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Small-scale Miniature Show update

Angel Barracks have posted an update on their Small-scale Miniature Show. From their announcement:
With its new venue confirmed and date set S.M.S. trundles on. There are some updates about games and traders on the site and also an update on the charity raffle. The prizes for the raffle so far are:
  • 1 years supporting membership of TMP
  • 1 years subscription to Wargames Illustrated
  • 6mm Gettysburg Seminary - by Total Battle Miniatures
  • 10mm Saxon village - by Total Battle Miniatures
  • Various - by Angel Barracks
  • UFO Interception: Roswell 1947 Standard Boxed Set - by MAJIC Miniatures
If you are able and willing to donate a prize to the charity raffle please let me know. The more prizes the more tickets sold and the more money for the charity. (you don't need to be going to donate a raffle prize)