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SlugFest Games running The Red Dragon Inn 5 Kickstarter

SlugFest Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Red Dragon Inn number 5. A big push of this is creating a box that will fit not only the current set of cards, but all the other cards that have come out for the game.
They're already over their funding goal with still 29 days left on the clock.


From the campaign:

We are pleased to announce that The Red Dragon Inn 5 will be coming out this year as a new standalone box set introducing 4 new characters ready to join The Party at a tabletop near you. But there’s a little tricky problem we’ve got...

And it’s all your fault.

Back in 2013 nearly 1200 backers shared their love for The Red Dragon Inn! The campaign was an overnight success and their support helped us make RDI:4 better than ever AND helped publish two more characters ahead of schedule. We also got tons of feedback, and we want to work with you on making one of the most popular suggestions for the game a reality.

We want to publish The Red Dragon Inn 5 in a giant box of storage awesomeness.

One of the most talked about new products backers asked for was a custom storage solution for all the expansions and variations of The Red Dragon Inn family of games. We set out designing a solution while we continued production of RDI characters, and now we have something we think will excite you. This massive box will not only include a new standalone game, but will also have plenty of room for all of the characters we’ve published so far, as well as room to grow!

That’s where you come in: If this campaign funds, then we will be able to upgrade the production value of The Red Dragon Inn 5, putting it in a hugemongous box, with bonus components, and all sorts of nifty storage conveniences.

Help us make the ginormous storage solution of wonder a reality! Share the campaign, pledge your support, band together with your friends and your FLGS, whatever it takes! Show us that this is a fantastic idea!