Slugfest Games Running Red Dragon Inn: Munchkin Kickstarter

The Red Dragon Inn is a great place to head after a long adventure. Satchels full of gold, hit the bar and buy some drinks. Participate in games. Lose all your money! Well, most people will lose their money and consciousness. The one that’s up the latest will be able to grab what they can (and probably not have any wyvern dongs drawn on their face, either). Slugfest Games’ Red Dragon Inn has a lot of fans and a lot of expansions. Well, a new one’s coming. This time, it’s a tie-in with another fan-favorite fantasy world: Munchkin. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Spyke and Flower are munchkins – adventurers whose sole purpose in life is to kill monsters, take their stuff, and level up… so they can kill more monsters and take more stuff. In this alternate timeline, they’ve come to the Red Dragon Inn to see what’s up at this tavern that they’ve heard so much about…

The Good: The tavern’s new patrons are eager to make a good impression.
The Bad: It isn’t working.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Spyke and Flower is our first stand-alone Allies expansion, letting two players drink, brawl and gamble the night away to prove that they are the best munchkin around. It contains everything you need to play the game, including a brand new Drink Deck as well as a new automated third-player game variant. So play head to head with a friend, or combine this game with any of our other The Red Dragon Inn sets for parties of 3 or more players.

The campaign is more than 3x funded with still 10 days left to go.