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Sloppy Jalopy release 1:48th scale 1910 Type-B bus

Sloppy Jalopy have added a 1:48th scale 1910 Type-B bus to their online store. 1910 Type-B bus From their announcement:
Sloppy Jalopy are very pleased to announce that we now have the 1:48th scale 1910 Type-B bus in production and available to buy via the website, from Nick at North Star for trade sales, and at shows from Mike at Stronghold. This is a cracking model kit, designed by Tony Ackland, and more pictures of it are available on the Sloppy Jalopy site at Tony has also prepared a whole range of advertising and information signs for the bus, which will be available as a PDF on the website and which can be downloaded for printing as decals. There will also be painting guidelines and some historical background on the bus, which served not only as civilian transport for more than two decades, but was also used extensively as a troop transport on the Western Front in WWI. We will be producing a modified military version of the bus, but the civilian version was also used on the front without serious modification. In addition, we also now have on sale the canvas-covered version of our 1931 Ford AA truck which features in our logo. Pictures of this will be up on the site soon