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Slimes come to Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off another update for Super Dungeon Explore. They're adding slimes! They've got 4 types (the minis are translucent!) and are showing off all the stat cards for them in the game as well.


From the post:

Lets do a super sleek punchlist summary:

Print: All print files are now in China, and proofs are beginning to be built.
Models: All final model molds have been greenlit and all remaining models have begun production.
Dice: Our first set of prototype dice off the new molds required some fine tuning. So adjustments are being made to the molds to make sure they are beautiful.
Shipping: Our goal is to have everything manufactured and on the water before Chinese New Year. It should be achievable now that print files are done, but we will keep you informed on the whole process.