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Slightly Less than Grand Re-opening of Artemis Black's

Artemis Black's is open after a long closure. From their announcement:
It would be a full-on grand re-opening except it's taken about 2 months and about 3 dozen screw-ups to get to the opening part and we're heading straight into the biggest show of the year so undoubtedly it's going to be a big old mess :) Yes we're back, again. Over the years the more astute observer (that is, anyone with eyes) will have noticed we've closed for various amounts of time at seemingly a moment's notice. This newest closure has been almost a year. During the years I've seen a lot of speculation on forums and the like about why that is, most guessing that I had another job or was in some way a serial offender in and out of prison. I'm hoping the latter was in jest.
The truth is I did have another responsibility but it was a person not a job. Last year that person passed away and I did not take it well, hence the longest closure to date. As the cliche goes, time heals all wounds - or at least makes them a little easier to bear - so we're open again. I can't quite bring myself to say the words 'silver lining' and mean them but with no outside responsibilities there should be no more closures. By the time this ad goes live everything should be up and running on the old site (Work is well underway on a new and slightly more modern site). We have all of our old lines, including a few that have closed up shop during our closures so lots of suddenly OOP minis there. We've also jumped right back in and added a bunch of new lines right off the bat so please take a new look at the old place. Thanks :) Artemis