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Sleeper Sci-Fi RPG up on Kickstarter

Death Spiral is running a Kickstarter campaign for Sleeper, their new sci-fi RPG setting and system. In Sleeper, players play as remnants from a secret super-soldier project created during the Cold War. Never actually used, the agents are now left in a world that doesn't really know what to do with them. However, there's plenty of leftover Cold War secrets and dangers to keep them busy.


From the campaign:

Players take on the roles of sleeper agents created by secret projects during the Cold War, placed in cryo-sleep in anticipation of nuclear war. Now they are waking into a 21st century that has forgotten them, a world imperilled by other long-hidden dangers such as weapons stockpiles, biowarfare experiments and other sleepers turned very, very bad.

The player characters, under the aegis of the secret organisation Obsidian, execute missions against foes ranging from crazed sleepers to the remnants of WWII’s bioweapons project and conspiracies within modern-day governments. They are assisted in this by the superhuman powers with which they were imbued by the projects that created them, and by an armoury of advanced gear that grows as Obsidian researches new technologies.