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Slaughterball comes to Kickstarter

Frog the What Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Slaughterball, their new fantasy sports board game.


From the campaign:

Slaughterball comes with the following quality components:

27" double-sided game board -- one side has the Octagon for 2- or 4-team games, while the other side has the Hexagon for 3-team games
52 plastic athletes
70 strategy cards
20 custom 6-sided dice (engraved, 16mm, 10 white, 10 black)
1 standard 8-sided scatter die (16mm)
2 plastic balls
A slew of card tokens
4 scrimmage athlete reference cards (double-sided)
4 pro team reference cards (double-sided)
4 maverick reference cards (double-sided)