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Sky Relics Ship Game Up On Kickstarter

Sky Relics is a new sci-fi-esque miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love. The ancient world of Targus was created specially by the gods to be a perfect land. They poured so much of their power into the planet that they lost their immortality. They cultivated civilizations to come after them, but now those civilizations have taken up arms against one-other to control the ancient artifacts and powers that the gods have left behind. Players must outmaneuver their opponents and blast them out of the skies if they are to survive in this world.
The campaign has already passed its funding goal, so it's on to stretch goals for the next 22 days.

From the campaign:

Targus was once a barren rock in the darkest depths of space. Alone and far from the rest of the cosmos, few stars could even shine the distance away. It was there, at the farthest reaches, the gods found their new home. Darren, Lord of the Cosmic Flame, created a star for the planet, and everyone knew it as Darren’s Fire. The rest of the gods, over a thousand many, poured their divinity into Targus and gave her life. The mountains let go of their roots and ascended to the sky. But all for a heavy price, for the gods had exhausted their immortality, and they only had a few millennia left to live. They spent the last of those years cultivating civilizations and engineering SkyShips hoping to ensure Targus' future. But the gods were not able to handle their mortality as well as we do.

Centuries after Malack's devastating war, peace and prosperity reigned. However, Targus once again must endure another war for survival. This time the battles are taking place in the heavens amongst the floating mountains. The people have inherited a world littered with ancient secrets, and they have discovered the power of the gods hidden inside the precious stone of the floating mountains.

Now with transcendence on the horizon, it is a mad dash for all the power hovering in Targus’ skies. Conquer the heavens with the SkyShips, ancient gifts from the gods. Swear your allegiance and claim your stake on Targus. Will you help the strange hybrids of the Cortez Family finally find a home for their nation the Commonwealth? Or will you defend your right to personal prosperity as a rebellious Sky Pirate? Each side has its own collection of heroes, villains, and extra ordinary ships that have caused ripples and rumors throughout the ports. War is never simple, and ideologies will clash as the people of Targus adjust to the dawning of a new age.