Sky Kings WWII miniatures available

By tgn_admin
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Jan 26th, 2011

Novastar has released a set of resin miniatures and terrain for an alternative WWII setting called Sky Kings.

Soviet Sky Kings aircraft

From his announcement:

Hello Fellas-I am NovaStar and I am happy to join TGN, and I like to make Game miniatures. Most my own creations and some are submissions and variant ships for Sci-Fi gamers. I just finished my WWII War-plane miniatures line I call “Sky Kings”.

I do not have a Rules-however I have someone that designs PDF game rules looking into that. But for now if you want to get more info just checkout the Blog link-and also there is a link to my site(that i’m still adding Sky Kings to it-so allow a few days for it to appear-and theres a link here for more Photos and my Site.

  • Very cool! I especially like the terrain pieces. They’d also work well for a certain pre-WWII alternate history game.

  • grimbergen

    Looks great — especially the terrain. Some of the aircraft I’m not sold on yet, but the dirigibles are wonderful.

  • Very very cool!

  • riftsinger

    whoo thats good minis

  • Shades

    Fantastic designs. Both the vehicles and the terrain would work very well with Dystopian Wars.

  • Ken

    That bomber is cool, and the terrain is very nice. I am a little nervous about the Heroscape-base recasting, though.