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Skullkickers added to Rum & Bones Kickstarter campaign

CoolMiniOrNot heads into the final week of their Rum & Bones Kickstarter with a bang. They've added the new Skullkickers add-on to the campaign. For $25, you can add the heroes from the Image Comics series to your crew (and that'd be any crew, since they're Mercenaries). These particular heroes come from the 3rd installment of Skullkickers.

Don't let the year end without getting in on this Kickstarter. Or Skullkickerstarter... or... something.


From the campaign:

SKULLKICKERS is a fan favorite fantasy action-comedy comic series published by Image Comics. In Skullkickers a gang of hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame, and adventure. The cast of pirates appearing in Rum & Bones come from the third volume of Skullkickers, titled "Six Shooter on the Seven Seas".

Rum & Bones is proud to feature the Skullkickers! And of course they will be a fine addition to any crew as they are a full band of Mercenaries. Please note that this pack is a Kickstarter Exclusive! To get the Skullkickers, just add $25 to your pledge and after the campaign is finished you'll be able to select what the extra funds are for.