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Skull Tales by 4Moon Studio up on Kickstarter

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of Mountain Dew (I'm a teetotaler, so no rum for me). 4Moon Studio has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Skull Tales, their semi-cooperative pirate board game. Players take on the role of a member of a pirate crew and must work with one-another to overcome obstacles in the pirate's always-present quest for treasure to plunder. However, every pirate has their own dreams of being in charge, knowing they could do better than the current captain. The game is set over 3 distinct phases, each with their own perils and opportunities.

Box Contents

The three phases really make for almost 3 games in one. In the Adventure phase, characters roam around island forts, hidden caves, and other such places in search of loot. As players acquire experience and goods, they can upgrade their character with better abilities to help them overcome new perils. In the Voyage phase, the Captain of the ship must steer it back to home port. There's danger on the waves, though, as they and the crew must make it past storms, coast guards, and hungry sea monsters. There's opportunities for loot here, too, though, as merchant ships also ply the briny waters. The last phase is the Port phase, which is a sort of maintenance phase where new crew can be hired and loot is turned into new equipment.

The game box contains 46 miniatures and numerous adventures for your party to go on. The random tile-drawing mechanic and the game's AI makes it so no two sessions are ever entirely the same. There's two difficulty levels (basic or advanced) and two game modes (solitaire or campaign) as well, depending on whether you want a quick-play game or an all-day gaming experience.

The campaign is already over their funding goal with still 20 days left on the clock to break through stretch goals.