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Skrapyard 40mm skirmish from Precinct Omega Publishing

Precinct Omega Publishing have sent details of a new 40mm skirmish game and miniature range called Skrapyard. Skrapyard miniatures From their announcement:
Commission miniature painting agency, Precinct Omega Studios, announces a new departure in the form of Precinct Omega Publishing. With a brand new 40mm science-fantasy miniatures range on its way, the open beta version of the rules is available for sale or free PDF download from their website. The print version of the rules is £5.00, but with free postage to anywhere in the UK and a guaranteed £5.00 discount on the first edition version of the rules, due out Summer 2011. "Skrapyard: Devil's Reach" is a skirmish miniatures game for 2+ players, set in a science-fantasy world where strange races have invaded the human world, all competing to control and investigate the mysterious skrapyards, sites of ancient technology, abandoned by mysterious travellers.