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Skirmisher Publishing Veterans Day Sale Going On Now

Skirmisher Publishing is running a Veteran's Day Sale over on their DriveThruRPG page. If you're looking at getting some of their products for a great price, now's your chance as many of their titles are 50% off. But be quick, these prices are going to be here and gone fast.

From the announcement:

Skirmisher Publishing has discounted 29 military-oriented items by 50% in recognition of Veterans Day!
Titles included in this exclusive sale include:
* Skirmish!, Chevauchee, and Quactica miniatures rules;
* H.G. Wells' Little Wars, Floor Games, and Little Orc Wars;
* Warriors, an OGL/d20 sourcebook;
* Four sets of Great War “Baionnette” stock art;
* Four sets of Cardstock CharactersTM;
* Space Boarding Operations universal manual;
* Adventure author Robert Louis Stevenson's gaming memoir;
* Nine issues of “Wisdom from the Wastelands”;
* "WitchFinder," a script for Cthulhu Live;
* d-Infinity Vol. #4: Dark Future, which contains an entire sci-fi minis game; and,
* Dhanurvidya & Varman: Arms & Armor of India.
You can check it all out at Skirmisher's dedicated Veterans Day Sale section!
Skirmisher is a veteran-owned business and many of its products reflect the real-world experiences and perspectives of its publishers and developers.