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Skirmisher Publishing Releases CQB Skirmish Game Rules

The name of the company's Skirmisher Publishing. So it seems only right that they have some sort of skirmish game rules available. Well, they'd mostly been putting out fantasy RPG supplements, but now, they're hitting their company name on the head with the release of CQB, a set of futuristic sci-fi miniature skirmish game rules.

From the website:

Welcome to CQB, a complete self-standing set of science fiction miniatures rules for depicting Close-Quarter Battle! Inspired by the combat actions of the United States Space Marine Corps and other units featured in Skirmisher Publishing's popular and bestselling USMSC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations universal sourcebook, CQB replicates gritty, intense, close-quarter skirmishes fought on board starships, space stations, and industrial settings of Earth’s colonial worlds.