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Skirmisher Publishing City Builder Supplement Sale

Many of you have resolved to get more gaming in this new year. I'm guessing several of you also resolved to be more responsible with money. Well, Skirmisher Publishing is helping you stick to your goals in one swoop. They're offering a special 50% off price on their popular City Builder supplement. If you're leading an RPG and you need some help coming up with all the civilizations that your players might come across, this 174-page book is here to help.

From the announcement:

One of the ways Skirmisher Publishing is kicking off 2018 is by making its Gold-bestselling "City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities" 50% off for anyone who does not already have a copy of it!

You can check out this popular 174-page sourcebook for role-playing games like D&D at on DriveThruRPG at And, if you would like to pick up a copy of it for half off the regular price and only $8.99, just follow this special discount URL:

Happy New Year! We know that everyone who picks up a copy of this earnest and useful book will enjoy it.