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Skirmish Sangin released by Radio Dishdash Publishing

Radio Dishdash brings you Skirmish Sangin, their latest release, portraying the military situation in Afghanistan.

From the release:

SKIRMISH SANGIN is a new set of skirmish rules for wargaming modern Afghanistan. Players control opposing forces, either modern Western military forces (ISAF) or insurgent militias that do battle everyday in the modern war for Afghanistan. Playing at an individual figure level, players get to feel the intenseness of adrenaline fuelled modern warfare, while still dealing with the responsibility of command. The rules are simple to learn, with games playable with a single squad aside, to platoon level games.

The book provides:
· Simple, fast combat rules that enable furious tabletop skirmish battles
· Information and rules for creation of professional and insurgent forces
· A full array of modern weapons and armour for both sides
· Rules for off table support ranging from snipers to heavy weapon platoons, fast air and helicopters
· A game that plays as easily with two people as it does for multi-player games.
· A set of rules that provides an intense and compelling tabletop game ?regardless of whether you field four figures per side or forty.

The book is available in PDF download or as a 172 page 4 colour softcover book. If you buy the printed book, we ship you the PDF at the same time so you can get cracking on creating your new forces and playing this great game while waiting for the book to be shipped to your door.