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Skirmish Sangin now available in the UK and in Australia

Skirmish Sangin is now available for your Aussies and Brits who'd like to get in on some modern warfare action.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce that Skirmish Sangin is now available in the UK. You can buy the books and figures from

This should now make buying the book in Europe much cheaper, as the postage costs will be greatly reduced. you can still buy the PDF version from the website as well. The new range of 28mm NZ/Australian figures will are also available from that URL.

Skirmish Sangin also has an Australian distributor

Elite Miniatures Australia are proud to announce that we are now the Australian distributor for Skirmish Sangin which is a new set of skirmish rules designed specifically for the Afghan conflict. Playing at an individual figure level, players get to feel the intenseness of adrenaline fuelled modern warfare, while still dealing with the responsibility of command.

Also available are there first set of 28mm NZ/Australian infantry.