Skirmish Sangin Insurgents Painting Contest

Skirmish Sangin has a contest up on their blog. Post your painted-up insurgent minis and you could win.



From the post:

We promised that our Taliban were not too far away, and they are ready NOW!

All you need to do is head to or our own webshop, and pick yourself up a set (only available in the UK at present but soon to be available in the USA). They are also stocking our range of Kiwis/Auzzies, so you can pick yourself up some of them too!

To commemorate our first set of 4 Taliban, we thought it time for a competition…

We don’t show enough pictures of painted Taliban miniatures on this blog, so with the release of our Taliban miniatures, it is time we corrected that!

What do you need to do?
Simple, send us a picture of a single figure, group or vehicle from your Taliban force- any manufacturer welcome! Once we have received the entries, we will collate them all and post pictures up on our blog of the entries. Winners will be chosen at random from our entrants, all of the winners will be sent a free set of our first four Taliban!

Where do I need to send the pictures?
You need to send them to me,

How long have I got?
Entries need to be received by the 31st July. Plenty of time to get something painted!

Now to tantalise you even more, you can see first of the next set wave of Taliban, these will soon to be in production.