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Skirmish Outbreak Releasing at Gen Con

Gen Con is a very popular place for game companies to release new games. They've got thousands and thousands of gamers right there, all looking out for something new to try out, and with a mentality to buy. Well, the fellows that created Skirmish Sangin will be bringing their new Skirmish Outbreak with them to the show and you can try it out and possibly pick yourself up a copy. What is Skirmish Outbreak? Zombies, my friend. Zombies.

In the near future, the world has come to an end (that sucks... all my stuff was there...). Now, Zeds and Ragers look to hunt down any remaining living. Various survivor groups have formed in the aftermath. Unfortunately, there's only so many resources to go around. So you don't only have the undead to worry about, but you've gotta watch that living, breathing person over there, too.

The initial release will coincide with the release of Survivor and Rager figures (in 28mm metal). You can check it out at booth 2934 during the show.