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Skirmish Afrika Available From Radio Dishddash

I bless the rains down in Africa.
Or maybe I don't, since I'm not a part of Toto (even if I do feel love isn't always on time). Radio Dishdash has released Skirmish Afrika, their new modern African military expansion for Skirmish Sangin. It might just be raining lead down in Africa.

The book is rather comprehensive, giving you the stats to create military forces (ORBATS) for fourteen different countries, as well as UN Peacekeeping forces, as well as private military contractors, and local guerilla forces (but no gorilla forces, even if it is Africa). These original countries have all sorts of military problems within them, from fights with neighboring countries to problems with their own government, to terrorists (so, like the real countries do, but fictionalized). There's also 9 scenarios to make each game more than just a "shoot the other guy" endeavor.