SkeletonKey Games 10 Year Celebration

SkeletonKey Games is celebrating ten years in business with an anniversary sale. From their announcement:
SkeletonKey Games is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary with the release of two new terrain PDFs and a 50% OFF sale. e-Adventure Tiles: Desert Boulder Fields contains 20 miniatures-scale tiles featuring a desolate wasteland of sand and stone. This set is perfect for use with settings of all types, including fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and science fiction. Tiles featured in this set include 10 Boulder Field tiles, 3 Boulder Field Camp tiles, 1 Ransacked Camp tile, 1 Slave Pit tile, 2 Arena tiles, and 3 Boulder and Dune tiles. e-Adventure Tiles: Encounters No. 1 presents 10 new tiles compatible with other e-Adventure Tile sets. The tiles in each issue of Encounters detail smaller encounter areas from three or more different terrain types. In the first instalment you will find 6 Necromancer’s Throne Room tiles, 3 Swamp Temple Ruin tiles, and 1 Warded Supply Cache tile. SkeletonKey's 50% Off Sale is running now at RPGNow and will end when they have sold 1,000 discounted PDFs.