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Skavenblight Gazette issue #12 released

Issue 12 of the Skavenblight Gazette fanzine has been released. From their announcement:
Do you hear a low squeaking? Wait, it is getting louder. By the Horned Rats tail, it is a tide of vermin! And swept along with them, Issue 12 of Skavenblight Gazette. This issue has the Ask Seer Squeek column, a Clan Spotlight on the northern clan Crooktail, an article on Under-Empire terrain for your Warhammer Fantasy games, the 'Show your inner Skaven' competition, the 'Vermin Lord' fiction piece and the Construction Workshop on using different sets of arms for your clanrat models. You have demanded it, so here it is. Another excellent collection of hobby and fiction articles, all wrapped up in deliciously hideous artwork. Don't be the last Skaven on your block to catch the disease.