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Sharknado Board Game Up On Kickstarter

There's such a thing as, "so bad it's good." You know, something you watch and go, "the hell was that?!" but you want to see it again. The phenomenon that is the Sharknado movie series is certainly in that group. When the first came out, people weren't entirely sure what they saw. But see it they did, and it's since spawned several more movies, as well as now a board game that's currently up on Kickstarter.


Sharknado is a cooperative game. Depending on which scenario you pick, you might be fighting against the titular sharknado, or perhaps hunting down a massive boss shark, or you might just be looking to survive, being the last to succumb to the whirling mass of teeth and fins. Each game's a little different as you must search the water-logged city for goods and supplies.

The Kickstarter campaign's up and running now with 26 days left to go.