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Six new releases available from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures has 6 new releases available over in their webshop.
Note: Some of the new releases aren't work-safe, so surf responsibly.

From the release:

Greetings to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world -

Just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that we have six brand new never before seen sculpts posted up on the Dark Sword site and ready for shipping out around the world.

We have three great new sculpts from Mr. Jeff Grace including an amazing new Thief of Hearts Cleric mini.

We have two great new sculpts from Mr. Tom Meier for the GRRM Masterworks line - Old Nan and the Queen of Thorns. Jen Haley of course called "dib's" as she wanted to really paint up these older ladies.

And we have one cool new sculpt from Mr. Patrick Keith for the Elmore Masterworks line.

The painted studio models for the new minis were painted up by Marike Reimer, Jen Haley and Jessica Rich.

I want to also take a moment to pay my respects to those men and women that have served our country and paid the ultimate price on this Memorial Day. They and their families have our eternal gratitude.

Swing on by the new and improved Dark Sword site and check out the six new releases.

Thanks and have a most excellent week everyone.