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Six new miniature releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added six new figures to their online store. From their announcement:
To kick 2011 off with a bang, we have six new miniature releases in our Online Store. These are so new that they have not even been posted as Sneak Peeks. They are:
  • DSM4111 - Easley Masterworks Ancient Male Mage (this piece is my favorite of the bunch) sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • DSM4112 - Easley Masterworks Female Ranger sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • DSM7426 - Dwarven Fighter # 2 with Wine Skin sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • DSM7967 - VIF Snail Cartographer (a close second on favorite) sculpted by Jason Wiebe
  • DSM7968 - VIF Evil Winged Pug sculpted by Jason Wiebe
  • DSM7969 - VIF Black Cat Avenging Thief sculpted by Dave Summers with concept art by Mr. Des Hanley
We also have the latest issue of Game Forces Magazine (#19) English Edition in for those of you looking for great inspirational material along with painting tutorials. 2010 was an amazing year for Dark Sword and for me personally. My wife and I welcomed a new addition into our family - a little girl named Elaina Rose. She is a little spitfire that is walking around between furniture already. It was also our best year ever for Dark Sword on all fronts (except for the price of pewter which keeps climbing up and up...). If you all keep spreading the word and collecting these little pewter works of art, I will keep on producing them as I am having a blast working with such talented folks and sending these out all over the world. Here is to an amazing 2011 and beyond!