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Sitting Ducks Deluxe by Playroom Entertainment on Kickstarter

Playroom Entertainment has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Sitting Ducks Deluxe, a new edition of their popular card game. Players create their carnival-style shooting gallery of ducks and must eliminate their opponent's while keeping their own ducks safe.
The campaign just launched and has already made it up and over their initial goal. So it's on to stretch goals and beyond for the next 29 days.

From the campaign:

In Sitting Ducks, each player gets their own group of ducks. Those ducks are shuffled together and form the Duck Deck, which then become the Duck line.

The Duck line is always in flux - when a Duck is removed; the other ducks move forward to fill the gap. Certain cards can move the line forward, backwards or rearrange ducks in the line in your favor or your opponents. With the right cards, players may also move and manipulate targets to try to keep their own Ducks safe.

Eventually, you’ll get caught snoozing and you will surely lose some of your ducks.

Lose all of your ducks, and you can no longer win the game. But, one of the most fun aspects of Sitting Ducks is when all of your ducks have been eliminated from the game. Although you won’t win, you’ll still get a chance to exact revenge on the opponents who took you out and play Action Cards for the rest of the game! The last player to have a duck in the water is the winner!