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Sit Down Games Posts Print & Play Version of Magic Maze

As I've said before, I'm very much a "try before you buy" sort of person. I'm sure a lot of you out there are the same. Well, Sit Down Games will be coming out with a new game called Magic Maze in February. But they've posted up a print-and-play version of it so you can give it a shot and see if it's something you'll want to get when it comes out.

So, what type of game do we have here? Well, it's a real-time cooperative board game. It seats from 1-8 players and only takes between 3 and 15 minutes to play. As it's a real-time game, there aren't any specific turns. Everyone's basically playing at once, able to perform actions and move around pawns as necessary. But once one player takes an action, other players can't. So you'll really have to be able to communicate... non-verbally... as that can only happen in short bursts when the timer is flipped.

Go check it out now.

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