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Sisters of Serens - Fantasy miniatures by Warband Miniatures

Warband Miniatures is running an Indiegogo campaign now in order to get their Sisters of Serens line of fantasy figures produced. Since it's a fantasy setting, it's not really "nuns with guns" but more like "nuns with swords and axes and flails." The minis are multi-piece resin with several weapon options. They're also offering various tokens and such to go with them. The campaign's a long one, set to run for another 42 days.

From the campaign:

Warband-miniatures is releasing the first band for its range of skirmish fantasy miniatures.

Warband-Miniatures is a small project dedicated to create a fantasy miniature range. We want to offer alternative designs of complete bands fully compatible with skirmish games of medieval fantasy. The Sisters of Serens is the first band that we want to produce, but we are planning to release many more in the future!