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Sirlin Games Releases Codex Card Game

Always happy to see Kickstarter games be released to the public. That's my thought on what constitutes a successful Kickstarter. Well, Sirlin Games has released their Codex card-time strategy game. It's a bit deck-building game. It's a bit collectable card game. But you don't have to worry about someone else stealing the card you want, and the game's not collectable. It is, however, available now.

In the game, you start out with a deck of 10 cards. You also have a codex full of cards. Each turn, you can add two cards from your codex to your discard pile. That then gets recycled back around to your draw deck. That way, you can be continually customizing your deck for whatever your opponent is doing. Of course, they are also customizing their deck to what you're doing. It creates an interesting arms race as you each look to out-maneuver your opponent and attack his creatures.

As I mentioned, the game's not collectable. So you know what you're getting when you purchase one of the boosters (think of it like a Living Card Game). Or you can just go in for the Collector's Set which has one of everything in it. There's also play mats and special card holders to use as your codex to contain your cards so you can easily get at them during play.

All of these can be found in the Sirlin Games webshop.