Simple System Table-top RPG system up on Kickstarter

Dashing Inventor is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Simple System Table-top RPG game. They’re more than 6x funded, so it’s all the stretch goals for 12 days.

Simple System


From the campaign:

Simple System is a role playing game system I’ve developed to be compatible with any setting, with a unique card-based resolution mechanic. My intention was to make it simple to learn, fast to play, and easy for the Game Master and players to collaboratively tell a story.

Simple System is for everyone – whether its your first roleplaying game or you’ve been playing for decades.

Finally what I’m really excited about – the templates I’m providing so that its simple for creative individuals to make their own setting cards and even their own complete settings built on the Simple System. If you’ve got a great idea for a roleplaying setting this is basically a turn-key way to develop it into products you can offer for sale as setting packs compatible with the Simple System, just add your own text and images!