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Simple Miniature Games to attend Salute 2011

Simple Miniature Games will be at Salute 2011 with their usual special offers and demos. From their announcement:
Simple Miniature Games are attending Salute again this year with a host of deals and demos. 1st on the list is Malifaux with 12 foot of Malifaux madness on the demo tables and 12 foot of stock racked up to back it up. Add to that full ranges and demos for Infinity and Dystopian Wars. Plus Hell Dorado, Firestorm Armada, Darkson Designs, Army Painter, Ziterdes Scenery Tale of War and Avatars of War. We always make the effort to put on great demos and we’ll have some great deals to back them up too, making sure players can try these games and buy them with superb game-entry deals. Come and see us on our stand TG02 with the demo tables directly opposite.