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Silver Gryphon Games releases Djinn of the Deep

Silver Gryphon Games has released a new Savage Wolds supplement with the Djinn of the Deep.

From the release:

Ten days before release, the Community Manager of Silver Gryphon Games, Kelly Barone had a conversation with the Content Director, Kevin Rohan asking if we were doing anything to celebrate “Shark Week” as it starts playing on the Discovery Channel August 4th of 2013. She meant a sale or a celebration or something similar, but this plot just exploded in Kevin's head. This adventure was written, edited, and finalized in 10 days. The artists we worked with were beyond amazing in working with such a short deadline, and we could not have asked for more from them. There was a huge amount of energy around this project and the finished product is something that we are all really excited about.

The newest adventure, hot off the electronic press from Silver Gryphon Games, the Djinn of the Deep has been released! Get into this pulp adventure set in 1923, see what's in store for your pirate PCs in the Arabian Sea, and survive! Inspired by Discovery Channel's Shark Week (we're not affiliated with them, they're not affiliated with us, but we do love Shark Week!), this adventure with system specific versions for Savage Worlds and Æther delivers not one, but two maps, amazing illustrations by up-and-coming artist, Alberto Tavira Espinar, as well as several other illustrators!

Be sure to read the special note from the author on the copyright page so you can see why this adventure is such an amazing feat to have accomplished for us, and why it's going to be so much fun to run at your game table! Set up as a one-shot that is perfect for convention or game day play, or even for a single-shot game with your normal gaming group, this adventure can be just the beginning for your characters as they travel though a world still haunted by superstition, ancient gods, and divine retribution...and really, REALLY big sharks.

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