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Silver Gryphon Games- Adventure in a Con

Silver Gryphon Games will be running their Adventure in a Con at VerminCon. You should be a part.

From the announcement:

We're calling it our"Adventure in a Con" experiment, and here's how it works. Friday night at VerminCon in Vermillion, SD, Kevin Rohan (Content Director) ran an adventure with the random setting generator for the Æther RPG. This event was filled to capacity as people wanted in! Setting rolled, characters made, lots of fun was had, and completed a little sandbox adventure with 6 players, none of whom had ever played AEther before. This is being turned into an adventure that Silver Gryphon Games will publish. Kevin will spend most of the day Saturday at a planned, impromptu "Writer's Jam" where he will crunch out the adventure live, and if all goes as planned, have a version of it completed enough for a PDF to be given to the players and a special VerminCon edition for anyone who wants to buy it! Not only that, but all of the players will have an opportunity to not only be listed as playtesters, but they will have their names scanned into the adventure, immortalizing both themselves, and their characters in what is hopefully the first of many Adventures-in-a Con! This adventure will be available to purcahse on our site in the near future!