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Silver Games Releases Ponyfinder - Beyond Everglow

Ponies! In! Space!
Ok, maybe not quite the same ring as Pigs in Space. But still.
Beyond Everglow is a new supplement for Ponyfinder that is also compatible with Starjammer as well as 5th Edition. It adds in new races, new traps, new monsters, new feats, and plenty of other things to take your ponies out into the great beyond.

From the release:

For aeons, ponies, humans, and most other races have gazed up at the stars so high above and wondered what was out there. Now it is time to find out. Break free of the tyrannical grip of gravity and set sail into the yawning void.

Two new races:
The chaos-born Unspoken Spawn evolve themselves with time and practice.
Mineralite ponies are curious hybrids with a gem-based species.

Dozens of feats
New Rogue Talents
New traps to be wary of
New monsters to best

Compatible with both Pathfinder and the 5th edition of the most popular roleplaying game

Compatible with Starjammer, bringing space to your Pathfinder!

New traps designed to harass would-be brigands