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Signs & Portents 91 posted

Mongoose Publishing have posted issue 91 of their free PDF-based Signs & Portents magazine. From their announcement:
The latest issue of Signs & Portents is ready for download - as always, it is completely free and jam-packed with gaming goodness. In this month's issue; A Call to Arms: Noble Armada Playtest rules designed to expand the role of fighters and troops in your games.
RuneQuest A complete Gloranthan adventure that sees the players duelling with agents of Chaos. Vapnartak 2011 Our roving reporter gives the low down on this event. Judge Dredd Another short encounter for street judges involving juves and a monkey Clockwork & Chivalry The city of London, laid bare for your games. Traveller A series of plot hooks that will get your players working for charity. They won't want to talk about it though... Lone Wolf The final part of the City of Lof. RuneQuest A cult designed around swordplay. RuneQuest A range of shrubs, trees and other plants that will both benefit and hinder your players. Earthdawn Introducing a new Discipline, based on the Templar Knights. Traveller A complete adventure that will set the players against the latest entertainment craze.